“I’ve seen him perform at loads of events over the years but this type of performance is something I haven’t seen in Christian hip hop before, let alone at at Tryumf concerts. So how did it sound? Well, put simply, it worked and worked well. It set a precedent for UK hip hop and there were plenty of rappers on stage to share the moment.”

The Sound Doctrine Review - Dwayne Tryumf album recording, ULU London

“I keep forgetting not everyone has had the privilege of owning Tryumf’s music from way back when... thankfully Tryumf hadn’t. If you’re a new fan, or just want to collect some classic stuff from one of the UK’s best, you need to get this.”

UKGospel.com - The ‘Essential UK Gospel List’ ("Beginnings" Album Review)

“777 (Mark of the Peace) is sure to be one of the best Christian rap albums of the year. Dwayne Tryumf offers listeners what few British rappers can, an exotic but easily digestible sound. This is a long album, at 16 tracks it is ambitious and is remarkably good, nearly perfect.”

Kyle Kiekintveld - Review - Dwayne Tryumf - 777 (Mark of the Peace)

“This is easily going to be one of the best albums of the year for the Christ followers in the hip-hop community. Favorite tracks so far are 777 Intro, I Don’t Pack A Matic, Our God Is, Never Be The Same, Sons of God, He’s The King… I just realized I’m putting up the whole album. Do yourself a favor, and cop it now from Amazon MP3...”

Nick - AllAsLoss.com - Mark of the Peace

“It is rare that I even give projects 5 stars, but I truly feel that this album deserves 5 stars, for this album will be remembered by many and used by God to draw men to Him. Tryumf took his time with this album and invested into what he was doing and I am glad that we are able to enjoy this!”

Lamar K Gibbs - REVIEW: Dwayne Tryumf "777 (Mark of the Peace)"

“DWAYNE TRYUMF HITS IT ALL! You get a dose of hardcore gospel rap, fast rappin (which I love), Jazz, Hip Hop, a little techno, Praise & worship, a touch of reggae and a splash of humour. Spiritually on point, Dwayne Tryumf teaches and convicts.”

Erin Krewson - ITM Live Album Review

“This is an epic 14 track masterpiece of hip-hop on which the British MC has managed to fuse together an epic eternal message with a huge musical landscape.”

Mike Rimmer - Dwayne Tryumf - 777 Mark Of The Peace (Review)

“When Tryumf is on point, he is something else on the MIC. Take the 777 Intro. One of the best intro tracks I’ve ever heard, Tryumf takes the listener through the meta-narrative story of the Bible in 64 seconds (yes, I counted) in a verse consisting entirely of double-time rhyming. His grasp of theology is impressive, but his ability to drop knowledge in an engaging way is what could give him a very long and impactful career.”

Brad Davis - Album Review: Dwayne Tryumf “777 (The Mark of the PEACE)”

“With Dwayne’s sharp wordsmanship and blur-fast delivery, 777 is a shining example of the fresh young urban sound that's revitalising British Gospel music.”

George Luke - Surefish Tunes Review

“As all Cross Rhythms radio listeners who've been stunned by the dazzlingly fast wordplay on Dwayne Tryumf's "777 Intro" single will know, the London-based Tryumf is no ordinary rapper and his is no ordinary download single.”

Tony Cummings - Dwayne Tryumf: Squeezing the whole of the Bible into a single rap

“Dwayne’s effort to perfect his own sound has resulted in a mature, timeless work of art that he and the UK can be very proud of.”

Craig 'TruSay' Walker - REVIEW: Dwayne Tryumf "777 (Mark of the Peace)"

“YEAAAAAA! The way I got excited over this guy. He went up and RIPPED it! O gosh. It was alot of things and then some more. I loved it. I loved it. I. LOVED. IT. And he even did the 777 intro – HARD! They had to pull it up three times. I loved everything he did. Well done!”

Lady Excellence - Next Ting 140: The Second Installment

“Across the "pond" you'll find Dwayne Tryumf--a breath of fresh air. He's somebody I would never call a rapper but a true emcee. His rhyme schemes, wordplay, production and skill level are of another caliber.”

Nina Del - Dwayne Tryumf - UK Hip Hop's Triumphant Voice

“Dwayne Tryumf has fast become one of the most recognisable names in the UK Christian music scene after his 2006 classic, Ghetto Scripture, became a landmark album in Christian rap.”

Henry Yanney - An interview with UK Christian music act Dwayne Tryumf